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About us

MusicAgent.org started in 2019 as the first platform for freelance music assignments. We offer a freelance platform which connects you as a freelancer to a musical client that is in need of a (professional) musician. This platform supports both the musician and client in the most optimal way by offering tools to connect in the most efficient way.

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Why Choose Us

A few days after we launched our platform, already hundreds of musicians and bands signed up for our platform. Ever since then, we keep receiving new registrations. This proves that there is a need for a new digital solution to bring the right musicians to the right bands and choirs.

Who are we ?

In need of a (professional) musician? As a client, we offer you various options to get in touch with interesting freelancers quickly. This way, you can easily place your assignment, proactively invite candidates and put your organization in the spotlight where the target group is most active. .

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Post a Job

Are you a music association and are you looking for professional support? By a one-time and FREE registration at our platform, you can post a job within just a few clicks. .

Get a job

Are you a (professional) musician and looking for challenging and interesting music projects? By a one-time and FREE registrations at our platform, you can apply for outstanding projects within just a few clicks.

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Create your private network

By using the PFP-feature your are given the opportunity to import & manage this contactlist within our platform. By just a couple of clicks, the music associations can invite their freelance musicians to our platform and benefit from the feature:
- associations use their existing pool of freelancers
- associations have the option to send a project to the preferred list